Who am I?

My Passion

My name is Naima Rahim...

From a young age I have had a passion for skincare and beauty. I started getting my experience with threading and waxing at the early age of 13, when my 2 aunts from Pakistan had moved in with my family. Every month I saw them make home-made wax and wax each other after some time they started teaching me. From them, I learned the basics in threading faces and waxing eyebrows.

As a grew older I went to school for Information Systems, and became and IT geek. Using the skills I learned at college along with my training in skin care, I opened Spa Zarmina.


Upon my completion of schooling for my IT career, I decided to go to school for skincare and follow my dreams of opening up a spa.  I became an esthetician in 2004 and later ran a successful Spa in Wallingford, Seattle. After a few years my business partner and I split ways and I returned to my originial IT career.

Unable to keep my passion for healthcare hidden, I have started up my spa and yoga practice again on a part time basis.